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“Hilarious… fantastic one liners… Ben Matthews was the scene stealer.”

Dinner and Dance: Stage Show

The Big Ben Comedy show (or BBC show)

Make your corporate Dinner and Dance a night to remember with the BBC show!
Wild wacky physical comedy from the UK!
Stand up comedy with a touch of circus!


Duration: 30 minutes

Synopsis: The stage show includes the incredibly popular mini Elvis Presley (he’s only 3 feet tall!) puppet act, and explodes in to a hilarious circus act, during which Big Ben’s antics include contorting himself through a tennis racquet, blowing up a rubber glove (while literally wearing it over his head), juggling glow-in-the-dark strobe balls in the dark, thrilling balancing acts, stand-up comedy, magic tricks, fire-juggling on a giant unicycle (often resulting in hilarious audience participation) and fire spinning! For an amazing encore, Big Ben climbs into an enormous balloon!

Clients have included Fuji, Microsoft,IBM,

MotorolaCycle and Carriage,


MitsubishiMinoltaProctor and GamblePfizer pharmaceuticals,

British American Tobacco, the US AirForce,

Singapore InternationalAirlines,

Singapores ArmyNavy,

Police force and Airforce,

Citibank,Hyatt hotels 

and many many many more!

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Dinner and Dance: Shows for all themes

Big Ben has adapted his show for many themes: tribal, futuristic, cowboy night and even a mime show – great for audiences who speak different languages!

Pre-Dinner and Roving Acts


“The man never runs out of energy!”
Big Ben is an expert at entertaining guests in the foyer. His roving act can include close up magic, such as card tricks and pocket magic, and crazy stunts such as cutting himself in half right before your eyes! He is also a trained mime artist, and has often performed as a living statue. Covered head to toe in makeup, and wearing a costume in theme with your event, Big Ben stands completely still for up to one hour.
“Big Ben’s statue act always attracts a crowd”

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The video clip for the Living Statue

Corporate family fun days

Big Ben has a range of shows to entertain children and families at your company’s family fun day. (Click to link to options/fundays and carnivals.)

Product Launches

Big Ben can create a tailor-made show to launch your product or conference. He has written shows for many major clients such as IBMShell and Hewlett Packard.

Juggling Workshops for corporate events

Learn to juggle with one of the foremost instructors in South East Asia. Big Ben has conducted many team building and confidence boosting circus workshops for major clients such as Microsoft and the Four Seasons hotel group.
Ben Matthews was the president of the Oxford University Juggling Club, and a founder of both the Singapore Juggling Club and the Singapore Unicycle club. He worked as a circus instructor for Cirque Du Soleil’s outreach programme.  He has been teaching juggling for 20 years. He was also an English teacher for 4 years.

Big Ben the Funnyman

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