Carnivals & Fun Days

“He makes strangers laugh…The kids roared with laughter”

-New Paper (Singapore’s national tabloid newspaper) Joyce Lim

“He charmed the audience.. and then thrilled them.”

-Eunice Quek. Straits Times.

Stage shows


Big Ben has a range of juggling, unicycling, magic, mime or balloon shows to entertain all ages.
Here are a few :



Big Ben also performs magic, mime or balloon shows, as well as two person shows.
For example:

The Danger Brothers!
2 guys with only 1 brain cell, all the way from the UK, with a show that can only be described as dangerous! Circus and seriously stupid stunts! Howl with laughter at their dumb pranks!
Synopsis: fire juggling and eating, Chinese yo yo, tall uni and knives, audience humiliation (oops “participation”), juggling round a volunteer, escapology with handcuffs, ropes and chains, cross dressing, whips and balloons

Roving/mingling acts
Big Ben is an expert at entertaining off stage. Watch him wander through the crowd, dazzling with his impromptu performances!
His skills include:
Stilt walking, close up magic, balloon sculpting, unicycling, juggling, puppets, and of course clowning!

Juggling workshops
Juggling is a fun activity for all the family. Learn to juggle with one of the fore most instructors in South East Asia. Ben Matthews was the president of the Oxford University Juggling Club, and a founder of both the Singapore Juggling Club and the Singapore Unicycle club. He worked as a circus instructor for Cirque Du Soleil’s outreach programme.  He has been teaching juggling since 1987. He was also an English teacher for 4 years.

Big Ben the Funnyman

3 Seymour Road,

Unit D