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Ciaran Love (Alfie NoName the Clown) HONG KONG


One of the best entertainers in Hong Kong. Ciaran is a fantastic performer with comedy magic, comedy juggling, balloon twisting and games. With a wonderful show developed over many years, Ciaran constantly has both the children and the adults roaring with laughter.


Video of Ciaran


Podcasts with Ciaran Love:


Part 2 Performances in Hong Kong


Part 1 Early Career


Podcast Contents: Fire shows and tips, Producing shows with others versus working solo, How to do a Birthday Party, Transport, Costumes, and Being on time

The amazing Ciaran Love started as a full time street entertainer, roaming around Europe. Since 1994 however, he has been carving out a fantastic career in Hong Kong: Performer, clown, prop comedy, producer, manager and bespoke events creator.

You can find Ciaran Love online at: http://www.nonamehk.com/




Jose Almenares (Magician) HONG KONG


Jose Almenares is an incredible magician based in Hong Kong. Over the past 26 years, Jose has performed magic shows in more than 10 countries across Asia, North America and the Caribbean. A longtime member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, his vast experience enables him to perform for any occasion including a children’s party, corporate banquet, stage show, or even one-on-one special performance.

You can find Jose online at https://www.amazingmagicjose.com/



Podcasts with Jose:



Early career



Follow up podcast








90 – Jessica Jane Peterson, Magician (and Carnie and Vaudevillian!), USA


Click here for youtube video, photos and interview


I had a great time talking to amazing Jessica Jane Peterson. In part one of this interview we talk about her family background in magic, close up magic in casinos in Atlantic City, working in a Circus Sideshow and performing magic in a narrative play about the Romanovs!


You can find Jessica Jane online at:





Check em all out. Google and youtube them!!! You will learn sooooo much

Lance Burton, Al and Suzanne Belmont, Ward Hall’s World of Wonders (Sideshow), Alan St. George, Terry Evanswood, Pigeon Forge,

And if I have missed someone out, just email me at ben@thebigbenshow.com




89 – Niels Duinker, Juggler and World Record Holder, Holland and the World


Click here for youtube video and interview


Niels Duinker first thought of becoming a successful international performer when he was 12 years old, and well before the end of his teenage years his dream had become a reality.

Niels won a Gold Medal in the 2009 Taiwan Circus Festival and he has worked all over Europe, in Asia, and made special guest appearances in the United States.

Modestly beginning his career in a Rotterdam youth circus, Niels now spends his time jetting between high-profile engagements at theaters, casinos, cruise ships, theme parks, and corporate events. Regardless of the venue, audiences always embrace his energetic execution, boyish charm, and dynamic dexterity.


You can find Niels online at:





Check em all out. Google and youtube them!!! You will learn sooooo much

Comedy Barn Theatre, Anthony Gatto, Daniel Holzman, Freddy Kenton, Barry Friedman, http://www.getmorecorporategigs.com/ , http://www.braindrizzles.com/Home.html , Joanie Spina,

And if I have missed someone out, just email me at ben@thebigbenshow.com


87 – Simon Wells, Unicyclist and Balloonist, Australia


Click here for youtube video and interview

Click here for podcast


Simon Wells is an extraordinary unicyclist and balloon artist, working in Australia.

Contact Simon on facebook at Simon the Balloon Man

and at newcircus@gmail.com



Why compromise, when you can do something extraordinary!

Learning to unicycle: Look at a spot at eye height, in the distance



Unicon 2004, Daiki (Japanese unicyclist), Woodford Folk Festival, David and Terry Wells, Reg Bolton (Circus in A Suitcase), Juggling, Balloonist in Shopping Malls, Dealing with the queue for balloons, background music,

the show must go on!

  • Doing shows when the music doesn’t work
  • Doing shows when the unicycle breaks!
  • Get rid of the quick release bolt because eventually it will hurt your leg!

Working solo vs. working in a group, tips on balloon twisting, a balloon cutter, Marketing (word of mouth, agents, facebook communities), the Australian scene (Importance of Expo 88, growth of street performances and circus schools), other sources of income and “Career Solutions for Creative People” by Dr. Ronda Ormont.



More links:

Watch his tv advert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IooCpebaaeM



Reg Bolton:





86 – Transport Woes (Getting to the gig on time!)


Getting to the gig on time, can sometimes be more difficult than doing the gig itself.

Here are some tips, and some stories of woe!

Contributors include: Andy Comic, Cassie Thomas, Jose Almenarez, Jamey Mossengren and Big Ben.



Using a motor scooter or hiring a mininvan (for the whole day),

How not to leave props behind,

What to tell the client when you are running late,

Paying the wrong driver,

Finding out too late, that every building is called the HarbourFront!!



Andy Comic, Cassie Thomas, Jose Almenarez, Jamey Mossengren and Big Ben the funnyman

Check em all out. Google and youtube them!!! You will learn sooooo much


here for youtube video and photos

Click here for podcast


85 – Jon Heron, Circus and Magic Workshops


Jon Heron runs fantastic circus and magic workshops in schools in Singapore.

Some great tips for teaching people to unicycle, stilt walk, juggle and tight rope walk!

Check out Jon at





00:07:00 How to teach juggling with scarfs

00:09:00 How to teach unicycling. A great method!



00:07:00 How to teach juggling with scarfs

00:09:00 How to teach unicycling. A great method!

00:12:00 Teaching and building a tight rope act

00:14:00 Teaching stilts


Working with children: Don’t take photos and videos of them

Children safe magic

Magic (swords through head!)

Putting on a show at the end of the course

And, running a talent agency


Black Art Magic, V bounce, Edmund Khong

Check em all out. Google and youtube them!!! You will learn sooooo much


Click here for youtube video

Click here for podcast


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Podcast 11 Roy Thomas Payamal (Clown, Living Statue and Singapore Legend)


Podcast 10 Jason Tardy : American juggler and technology performer!!


Podcast 9 Guy Bavli: Mentalist, Entertainer


Podcast 8 Amy Bielawski: dancer, face painter, balloonist, belly dancer, bellygrams and party entertainer!


Podcast 7 Australian Mentalist Chris Johnson


Podcast 6 Bryson Lang. Interview with the great comedy juggler from the USA


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Podcast 4 Formless Formby. Interview with Rock Circus Superstar, Formless Formby


Podcast 3 Jan Preece. Interview with one of the top clowns in Hong Kong


Podcast 2 Brian Herman. Interview with a young clown from America


Podcast 1 Andy Comic. Interview with Andy Comic from Australia