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From Party Entertainers to Massive Stage Show Acts,

Big Ben the Funnyman interviews all kinds of entertainers.

Lots of tips and funny stories from the periphery of show business!


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81 – Bryson Lang, Juggler USA



80 – Jason Tardy, American juggler and technology performer



79 – Paul Ogata, Standup Comedian



78 – Guy Bavil, Mentalist



77 – Vivek Mahbubani, Standup Comedian, Hong Kong



76 – the clown business and other thoughts.



75 – Matt Coombes, Children’s Entertainer



74 – Getting Paid, (How to get money from dodgy clients!)



73  – Kabir Khan, Psychic Performer



72 – Matt Owen Part 2



71 – Matt Owen, close-up Magician, Hong Kong



70 – Garron Chiu, standup comedian, Hong Kong, USA



69 – Jamey Mossengren, Unicyclist, USA, Australia



68 – Controlling kids (and adults!) at birthday parties!



67 – Rob Neal, Magician, UK



66 – Turner Sparks, Comedian, China and USA



65 – Jessie Jing, Dancer, Writer, Performing Artist, Hong Kong



64 – Chris Johnson, Mentalist, Australia



63 – Shea Freedomhowler, Entertainer, USA



62 – Jan Preece, Clown, Hong Kong and UK



61 – Brian Herman, Entertainer, USA



60 – Andy Comic, Entertainer, Australia Canada Hong Kong



59 – Road Trip!



58 – Tip for making extra money



57 – Lucas Jet, Unicyclist Juggler UK



56 – Ciaran Love Part 2, Clown, Producer, Manager, Hong Kong



55 – J C Sum, Illusionist, Author & Creative Entrepreneur



54 – Kevin Berrey, Comedian, USA



53 – Steve Lee, Comedian, USA, Hong Kong



52 – Scott Mitchell, Comedian, Scotland, Singapore



51 – Bond Lee, Magician , Hong Kong



46-50 Mike Brooks (backstage at a carnival)



45 – Stuart Palm, Mentalist



44 – Ciaran Love, Part 1, Clown Producer Manager



43 – Sean Hebert, Writer, Comedian, (Canada and Hong Kong)



42 – Mike Abbott, Legendary Hong Kong Entertainer



41 – Graham Love, (Santa)



40 – Max Marshall, Part Two



39 – Max Marshall, Clown and Entertainer (Scotland, Hong Kong and the World)



38 – Paul Ogata, Stand-up Comedian



37 – Gary Jackson, Stand-up Comedian and Comedy Producer



36 – Nick Milnes, Stand-up Comedian, Hong Kong, UK



35 – Yalun Tu, Writer, Comedy, Movies, Hong Kong



34 – Cindy Marvell Part 2



33 – Cindy Marvell, Juggler, USA



32 – Jami Gong: Standup Comedian and Comedy Club Owner, Hong Kong



31 – Ali Khan: Entertainment and Licensed Show, Singapore



30 – Markus Furtner: Appendix



29 – Markus Furtner: Devilstick, Germany



28 – Intro to Markus Furtner  (Devilstick, Germany)



27 – Jason Strickland: Standup Comedian, London and Hong Kong



26 – Vivek Mahbubani: Standup Comedian, Hong Kong



25 – Cassi Thomas: Birthday Parties Hong Kong



24 – Rob Rogers: Magician and Events Manager, Hong Kong



23 – Tony Leung (Wing Wing the Clown) Hong Kong



22 – Jose Almenares (Magician) Part 2



21 – Jose Almenares (Magician) Part 1



20 – Sweetheart the Clown (aka Vivien Goh) Singapore



19 – Matt Coombes Part 2



18 – Matt Coombes Clown, Birthday Parties and more, Hong Kong



17 – Transport   How to get to the next show in time



16 – Kenneth Ng – Clown, Hong Kong



15 – Worst Gigs Ever



14 – Big Ben Matthews – Entertainer, Hong Kong



13 – Rob Neal – England, Close up Magic, Weddings and Parties



12 – Jonathan Heron – Singapore Entertainer, Birthday Parties, Bubbles, Magic, Everything!



11 – Roy Thomas Payamal (Clown, Living Statue and Singapore Legend)



10 – Jason Tardy : American juggler and technology performer!!



9 – Guy Bavli: Mentalist, Entertainer



8 – Amy Bielawski: dancer, face painter, balloonist, belly dancer, bellygrams and party entertainer!



7 – Australian Mentalist Chris Johnson



6 – Bryson Lang. Interview with the great comedy juggler from the USA



5 – Shea FreedomHowler – Juggler, Director, Circus Impresario and Curator



4 – Formless Formby. Interview with Rock Circus Superstar, Formless Formby



3 – Jan Preece. Interview with one of the top clowns in Hong Kong



2 – Brian Herman. Interview with a young clown from America



1 – Andy Comic. Interview with Andy Comic from Australia





Ciaran Love (Alfie NoName the Clown) HONG KONG


One of the best entertainers in Hong Kong. Ciaran is a fantastic performer with comedy magic, comedy juggling, balloon twisting and games. With a wonderful show developed over many years, Ciaran constantly has both the children and the adults roaring with laughter.


Video of Ciaran


Podcasts with Ciaran Love:


Part 2 Performances in Hong Kong


Part 1 Early Career


Podcast Contents: Fire shows and tips, Producing shows with others versus working solo, How to do a Birthday Party, Transport, Costumes, and Being on time

The amazing Ciaran Love started as a full time street entertainer, roaming around Europe. Since 1994 however, he has been carving out a fantastic career in Hong Kong: Performer, clown, prop comedy, producer, manager and bespoke events creator.

You can find Ciaran Love online at: http://www.nonamehk.com/




Jose Almenares (Magician) HONG KONG


Jose Almenares is an incredible magician based in Hong Kong. Over the past 26 years, Jose has performed magic shows in more than 10 countries across Asia, North America and the Caribbean. A longtime member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, his vast experience enables him to perform for any occasion including a children’s party, corporate banquet, stage show, or even one-on-one special performance.

You can find Jose online at https://www.amazingmagicjose.com/



Podcasts with Jose:



Early career



Follow up podcast